Ended 4 Seasons - 59 Episodes

Metalocalypse is an American animated television series, created by Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha, which premiered on August 6, 2006 on Adult Swim. The television program centers around the larger than life death metal band Dethklok, and often portrays dark and macabre content, including such subjects as violence, death, and the drawbacks of fame, with extremely hyperbolic black humor; which accounts for the cartoon’s consistent TV-MA rating. The show can be seen as both a parody and celebration of heavy metal culture.

The music, written by guitarist/creator Brendon Small, is credited to the band, and is featured in most of the episodes. The animation is often carefully synced to the music, with the chord positions and fingering of the guitar parts shown in some detail.

One of the trademarks of the show is having the usual “bleeps” for extreme profanity replaced by pinch harmonics.

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Season 2
1<img src="" alt="Image family-guy-1680-episode-3-season-1.jpg">Dethlessons2007
2<img src="" alt="Image family-guy-1681-episode-4-season-1.jpg">Dethvengeance2007
3<img src="" alt="Image family-guy-1682-episode-5-season-1.jpg">Dethdoubles2007
4<img src="" alt="Image family-guy-1683-episode-6-season-1.jpg">Dethfashion2007
5<img src="" alt="Image family-guy-1684-episode-7-season-1.jpg">Cleanzo2007
6<img src="" alt="Image family-guy-1685-episode-1-season-2.jpg">Dethwedding2008
7<img src="" alt="Image family-guy-1685-episode-2-season-2.jpg">PR Pickles2008
8<img src="" alt="Image family-guy-1686-episode-3-season-2.jpg">Dethcarraldo2008
9<img src="" alt="Image family-guy-1687-episode-4-season-2.jpg">Dethgov2008
10<img src="" alt="Image family-guy-1688-episode-5-season-2.jpg">Dethrace2008
11<img src="" alt="Image family-guy-1689-episode-6-season-2.jpg">Revengencers2008
12<img src="" alt="Image family-guy-1690-episode-7-season-2.jpg">Klokblocked2008
13<img src="" alt="Image family-guy-1691-episode-8-season-2.jpg">Dethsources2008
14<img src="" alt="Image family-guy-1692-episode-9-season-2.jpg">Dethdad2008
15<img src="" alt="Image family-guy-1693-episode-10-season-2.jpg">Snakes N Barrels II (Part 1)2008
16<img src="" alt="Image family-guy-1694-episode-11-season-2.jpg">Snakes N Barrels II (Part 2)2008
17<img src="" alt="Image family-guy-1695-episode-12-season-2.jpg">Dethrecord2008
18<img src="" alt="Image family-guy-1696-episode-13-season-2.jpg">Dethrelease (Part 1)2008
19<img src="" alt="Image family-guy-1697-episode-14-season-2.jpg">Dethrelease (Part 2)2008
  • Original title: Metalocalypse
  • In Production: No
  • First air date: 06-08-2006
  • Last air date: 15-07-2012
  • Genre: Animation, Comedy
  • Directors: Brendon Small
  • Rating: 4.0 1 votes